August Spa Package

We’ll start with a


Paw DetoxPAD DETOX- A Warm all natural pad soak gently removes pool and lawn chemicals, as well as road toxins. While the pad is still warm we’ll in a natural, healing, soothing and softing pad cream.






  •  MOBILITY MUD: Eases inflammation and sore, tight muscles
  • SOOTHING MUD: Soothes irritated, itchy skin and hot spots
  • SHED SAFE MUD: Opens clogged hair follicles and releases undercoat
  • FLEA RELIEF MUD: Relives irritation from flea bites and gives relief to itchy, scratchy skin
  • FOLLICULAR FLUSH- Deep, deep rinse to rid skin of toxins released by mud scrub.

A truly wonderful,detoxifying spa experience.

$12.00 plus for small dogs
$18.00 plus for medium dogs
$22.00 plus for large dogs