May Spa Specials

Furminator Shedless Treatment- A 3 step process to remove dead/dying coat. Shampoo/conditioner is infused into the coat to begin the process, a forced air dryer is used to lift and separete the coat and finally a combination of grooming tools are used to gently remove the remaining dead/dying coat. Reduces shedding by 75% and leaves the coat healthy and shiny.

 Furminator Bernard   

Follicular Flush - Dry winter heat, excess coat; less frequent grooming usually occur during the winter months. The result is a build-up of dead skin - dandruff, flaky, itchy skin. Give your baby a soothing deep, deep flush that removes the dead skin, restores and rehydrates the skin.

Dog Bathtub

Spring Scented Organic Shampoo/Cologne - Honeysuckle/Jasmine scented organic shampoo that not only leaves your baby smelling great, it adds a beautiful natural shine as well.

 Puppy Smelling Flowers 


Spa Package starts at $20.00