Pet Grooming

Let our professionals help you select a style that reflects not only your pet's breed standards, but also your pet's personality, taking into account the ease of maintenance and your time limitations.

We are a green salon.

  • We use only natural, organic shampoos and coat conditioners.
  • All our cleaning products are chemical free, natural and completely safe for people and pets.
  • Our salon was painted with low VOC paints, and our towels and bedding are washed in an organic, soap free product - all this helps ensure an allergy-free as possible environment for your baby.

Our Basic Grooming Pack includes:

  • 6-Point Health Evaluation
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Ears cleaned / excess hair removed
  • Anal glands expressed
  • 2 organic baths / coat conditioners
  • Clip style

In addition to your regular grooming, we offer:

Flea Treatment

Pesticide free neem oil combined with a safe, effective, healthy alternative to harmful, harsh chemicals.

Herbal skin and coat treatment

Designed to soothe and heal dry, flaky, irritated or impaired skin and coat. Essential oils are infused into a base of vitamin E, jojoba or olive oil. We select essential oils to meet the individual needs of your pet's skin and coat. We choose from lavender, chamomile, rosemary, thyme and sage, among others. This blend is applied warm and allowed to remain upon the skin for up to 30 minutes (based on skin and coat condition)

Therapeutic hydro massage

Gentle, thorough, hydro massage - relieves ired or aching muscles, bringing soothing relief to older dogs / cats and exuberant, hard working / playing youngsters. Massage includes bath salts to bring sore muscles relief.

Furminator shed less treatment

A special shampoo that is infused into the coat to lift and separate the hair, followed by a soothing coat conditioner, then a force dryer is used to blow the loose coat away. Finally we use the Furminator tool to strip away any remaining dead coat, leaving the top coat healthy and shiny.

Nails buffed

Leaves a smooth, rounded nail - no more scratches!


A select blend of essential oils dispersed into the air to calm and soothe your dog. The perfect "icing on the cake" for a day at the salon.


Soothing for the old, injured or athletic dog. Opens up the blood flow and aids the body in healing itself.