Pet Wellness Program

GoPet LogoWe now offer a personal pet wellness program!  Does you furchild need to lose a few pounds; get fit and toned or burn off excess energy?  What about the baby that needs some slow, safe rehabilitation?  We're excited to be able to help you help your 4-legged child reach their wellness goal!

After conducting an interview with you to establish your furchilds physical and mental needs, we'll design a personal plan best suited to reach those goals. If necessary, we'll consult with your veterinarian concerning any potential health issues that need special attention.


Package Prices:
Up to 2 session per day - max of 20 sessions per 30 day period.

Package prices save you 50% or more over A LA CARTE pricing!!

A LA CARTE Sessions: $10.00 per session (up to 10 mins)

Introductory Offer (Max of 10 min. per session):

  • 1 Month:  $100.00
  • 3 Months: $275.00
  • 6 Months: $500.00

We all understand the negative impact extra pounds have on our health as well as our furbabies health.  What about those "kids" with so much energy? They need an outlet to keep them mentally and physcially happy and stimulated. A training program will result in a calmer and happier family member!

As with any training program, we start out slow, increasing length and degree of difficulty as your baby is ready. We will happily work with your vet to help your pet recover from an injury or surgery to insure a complete recovery.

A personal trainer will assist your furchild during the entrie workout session, to ensure the best possible results from each session. We offer several plans and memberships to choose from.